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BOMAH helped us take our social media presence – at our event and afterwards – to the next level. Their professionalism, expertise, quick response time and high caliber and friendly staff made working with the BOMAH team a pleasure. A great experience. – The ROI Team
ROI Team
Roi Community
BOMAH is based on the power of stories and storytelling, which is rooted in our Jewish heritage..Empowering young Jews to become knowledgeable about Israel and about using social media effectively is a very meaningful goal. Done successfully, it is imbued with fulfilling the goals of Jewish values
Judge Scoring Results
The Genesis Prize
“BOMAH has worked closely with us to build our social media strategy from the ground up. OLAM, a coalition interested first and foremost in amplifying the work of our partner organizations, is different from most clients BOMAH encounters. BOMAH was willing to embark on this journey with us, thinking outside the box, adjusting with our emergent strategy and working to the best of their availability to meet our unique and evolving needs."
Dyonna Ginsburg
Executive Director / OLAM
I have known Mr. Yarkoni since 2012, when he participated in the exclusive Public Diplomacy ‎Workshop at the Center for International Communication (CIC). His experience, abilities and ‎knowledge in social media campaigns, made him the first alumni who became a permanent ‎lecturer in the Workshop. His presentations are both insightful and engaging, while captivating ‎his audiences time and again with his unique story; no wonder his lecture's feedbacks are ‎amongst the highest in the workshop feild. ‎ In the last 3 years we also collaborated with Mr. Yarkoni in his travels to the US, where he ‎conducted social media workshops to pro-Israel cores in several top University campuses. ‎Itzik's innovative storytelling and social media techniques have inspired the students, and it is ‎an honor having him among our faculty members.‎
Roei Duani
Associate Director / Bar-Ilan University, Center for International Communication
Itzik is a true professional, always eager to tie loose ends, take care of all issues with special emphasis on personal relations. it was a real pleasure working with Itzik.
Keren Cohen-Gat
Diplomat / Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Itzik and Bomah's team one of the top professionals I've worked with. He is up for any challenge, knowledgeable and always available with a smile. Itzik and his team don't only provide services they are involved in every part of the process. In the project we've done with Bomah they were a full partner, resourceful in every step of the way and had a creative way of solving any issue. I would recommend working with Bomah for any company/ project who are looking to work with the best.
Shirona Partem
The Jerusalem Development Authority
Itzik Yarkoni is uniquely poised to train, motivate, and direct student leaders to make an impact for Israel online.

Itzik's range of experiences is deep and diverse. His experiences living and working in Sderot give him a captivating narrative voice, which he encourages others to develop as well. Itzik was recognized as an outstanding Israel shaliach during his time at UC Irvine, one of the most notoriously anti-Israel universities in the world. He created an innovative social media strategy that energized Jewish students and countered anti-Israel propaganda on campus. Itzik has given specialized workshops to our elite Hasbara Fellows who come from North America to Israel for leadership training. He has also given practical guidance to Israel clubs on the ground in the US.

Overall, Itzik's knowledge, experiences, and critical thinking combine to produce an educator who is insightful and effective. Many people 'talk' about a successful social media presence, but Itzik produces concrete results.
Natalie Menaged
Director of Education / Hasbara Fellowships
Each year The David Project in Israel educates over 500 students in our semester and year-long courses focused on providing an understanding of the challenges involved in positively shaping discourse about Israel on campus, and developing the skills necessary to do so in an impactful way. To that end, The David Project recently invited Itzik Yarkoni to lead a number of social media workshops within some of the institutions where our courses are delivered.

Itzik’s presentations were very well received by the students. His content was sharp, nuanced and timely, and equally as important, was his personal ability to connect with and motivate students.

Itzik was not the first individual that The David Project in Israel had invited to present a social media workshop. In every instance, either the students seemed to know more about the subject than the presenter, who would spend most of his time explaining what Facebook and Twitter are and why they’re important, or, the presented seemingly spent all day in front of a computer and had minimal ability to actually communicate with real people.

We found neither of the above critiques to be relevant to Itzik, and, as mentioned, instead we discovered a lot that we – and our students – did like.

I would recommend Itzik Yarkoni’s social media consulting and workshops without hesitation.
Ze'ev Orenstein
Senior Educator & Program Manager / The David project
Itzik lives and breaths Israel branding and marketing. At UC Irvine, a once contentious campus around anti-Israel activity, Itzik created a Social Media Team. He selected and trained students to use video, blogs, twitter, and facebook to advocate for Israel on campus. Itzik is a relentless force dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to use social media in effective ways for Israel.
Jordan Fruchtman
Chief Program Officer / Moishe House
Without reservations, I fervently recommend Itzik Yarkoni. Itzik Yarkoni worked for me as my Director of Communications for three years. In addition, when I was abruptly called abroad for work, Itzik took charge as Manager of all office affairs. This period coincided with Operation Cast Lead, which was one of the most important and stressful periods in my media center’s history. With organization and determination, Itzik spoke to local and international press directly and efficiently and presented to me his capability to not only run an organization successfully, but also under times of emotional and physical pressure.
Noam Bedein
Director / Sderot Media Center
Itzik Yarkoni is one of the most knowledgeable, impactful and poignant advocates for Israel that I have had the pleasure to know. His experience and ability to effortlessly recall volumes of data and transform it into easily understandable and relevant information for college students is almost without parallel. As a consummate professional, he is a pleasure to work with and brings a working style that is only surpassed by his keen and finely honed sense of strategy and unique ability to actually excel under pressure rather than crack. I highly recommend him for advocacy work as well as media and issue strategy on Israel.
Aaron Weil
Executive Director and CEO / The Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh
Itzik Yarkoni is driven and motivated to the Jewish cause. Not only is he motivated himself but also has the potential to influence others to reach their utmost potential. He has a true gift to lead and inspire. As a Shaliach at the Hillel Foundation of Orange County, Itzik served as a role model both for myself and the greater organization. He is able to tackle tasks with a practical and realistic approach. I had the opportunity to work with Itzik on a number of projects from social media to event planning and managing. Even when the project appeared impossible, Itzik was able to steer the group in the right direction without imposing his own views on accomplishing the task. He is a problem-solver and will do what needs to get done no matter the circumstances.
Cathy Shutaya
Student / University of California, Irvine
Itzik’s workshop played a key role in reminding me and the other leaders of Boston College’s student organization, Eagles for Israel (EIBC), what our role in supporting Israel is all about. We are in an age where social media has become so integral in our lives as to replace calls and messaging from everyday communication to demonstrating safety after disasters such as this year’s Marathon bombings. It is for this very reason that we must put a heavy focus on our social media efforts and keep an eye on media from other sources.

During the workshop, we learned how to work with negative messages from opponents so as to avoid giving credit or legitimization to those claims. More importantly, the presentation was a reminder that the messages we pass on through social media are not for ourselves or other people like us, but rather for the 90% who haven’t made up their mind. Itzik helped us practice methods to portray the information in the best ways so that others find them appealing and otherwise attractive. From advertising matzah to reporting terrorist threats, we learned that a positive, personal, relatable post permeates social media better than negative, technical, and isolationist posts.

Overall, this workshop was a phenomenal redirection. It took information that we mostly already knew, but made us realize just how strong an effect it really has, and gave us the push to continue improving Eagles for Israel through social media in every way we can.
Mike Woodbury
President / BC Eagles for Israel
Being an Onward Social Media Fellow has really taught me a lot. I never thought that being accepted would mean more than just tweeting and facebooking; it was going to teach me how to enter the social media world. Seeing how much work goes into planning a successful blog is mind-blowing! Itzik taught us step by step how to blog and post items online. His presentation was both exciting and informative. He showed examples of how to engage your audience. The suggestions he gave us are going to help us in the future. The idea of making things personal is something I had never thought of before. If it weren’t for these workshops my work would not be as successful, and I would not be able to utilize my skills properly. Going to the workshop gives my partner and me the confidence that we need to do our best work.
Ilyssa Peltz
Fellow / New York Onward Israel
We contacted BOMAH before heading out to our first international speaking event. Their consultancy was just what we needed - they helped us in telling our story the best way possible, providing with great tips and work methods to help us get to the conference and shine.
Shelly Peleg
Content Project Manager / Wix
When looking for a marketing partner, we were searching for three main things: a clear plan, strategy, and measurable results. BOMAH had it all, and in a very short amount of time we were able to see our goals achieved. BOMAH shared our story with the world in the best way possible
Alex Libman
Co-Founder & CEO / NUA Robotics
In the beginning I was skeptical, why would I go to the Middle East-Israel to outsource our social media and marketing? But when I met Itzik and the BOMAH staff, when I heard the core values of BOMAH, their art of storytelling, and their tangible strategic analytics and reporting capabilities - it felt right for us. I'm glad I went with our instinct, as using the BOMAH social media storytelling strategy, we were able to successfully increase content engagement and reach that new and large audience we were simply dreaming of.
Ben Hindman
CEO / Splash
We began to explore social media advertising options and quickly understood that we need professional assistance. We got excellent recommendations about Bomah that were proven to be justified. Other than being at the top in terms of their knowledge and experience, their ongoing support and advice proved to be invaluable. It was an absolute pleasure working with Itzik and his team. I’m sure we’ll be working with them again in the future.
Lior Tal
Founder / Rep'nUp
Bomah was absolutely crucial in helping us build a sizable user base pre-launch. Even before One Day Gym Pass hit the market, Bomah targeted and engaged prospective users on Twitter who were both passionate about fitness and our story and who became early advocates for our product. I highly recommend Bomah for any early-stage team who needs to build their brand on social and target early adopters, but who doesn’t have the time to spend all day on Twitter or Facebook.
Nate Hindman
Founder / One Day Gym Pass
As an early stage startup, Webbing is eager to tell its unique story on social media and as part of our marketing campaign. Itzik provides real value to our company every time we consult with him. He always brings a fresh perspective, concrete storytelling strategies based on his BOMAH principles, as well as his trademark "yalla" enthusiasm. He's passionate, organized, and a pleasure to work with.
David Berger
Co-Founder / Webbing
During the program we are meet outstanding entrepreneurs, mentors, and advisers. Itzik Yarkoni, from BOMAH, is an expert that helps share startup stories. He empowers them to create their own unique path in order to create a buzz and reach newer and larger audiences abroad. His fresh strategies and methods are emphasized in BOMAH workshops, consultations, and projects. If you want someone to make a change and make yourself worthy of reading about, Itzik from the Brand of Milk & Honey is the person.
Oded Barel
Managing Director / Siftech
My first conversation with Itzik Yarkoni about BOMAH was him introducing my company and I to an entirely new way of sharing our brand and mission with a growing audience. I was used to the old traditional way of just tweeting and posting things on Facebook, thinking it would somehow get more interaction with potential customers. My staff and I were trained in the "storytelling" approach -BOMAH's awesome method of getting past and current customers to share stories about my brand. Thanks to BOMAH the "storytelling" method was super successful and our marketing team will be implementing its strategy throughout the year.
Maxx Blank
Co-Founder / CampusCasa
In the beginning I was skeptical; there are many companies out there for branding, marketing, etc. But when I met Itzik and he explained me the core value of BOMAH, the art of storytelling, together with the importance that I will be hands on - it was clear that BOMAH's added value is unique. So we started to work on our online presence at the WEB Summit 2014: thousands new likes, twitter followers, PR, real engagement on social channels from our target users - all in only 3 days.
Ziv Lautman
I had the privilege and the honor of working with Itzik Yarkoni and BOMAH on several projects. I was highly impressed with the company's professional standard and the new and impressive techniques in which Itzik was teaching our participants to tell their story on social media. I found that working with BOMAH and Itzik was extremely helpful. Together, we strategized on the best way to bring the message to our students and creating meaningful context for them. A side from the professional added value BOMAH was able to deliver to our students, I found Itzik to be a joy to work with!
Yonatan Barkan
Director of External Relations / Masa Israel Journey
No word could exactly express the fabulous experience I've got from "Jerusalem Ambassador" program with BOMAH. It's an initiative project that enables students from all corners of the world to join the team to propagandize Jerusalem. It also provides fancy opportunity for people to approach Jerusalem, touch real Jerusalem, experience there and love it. The social media tools are taught in a gorgeous way where we are passionate to express our particular emotions in Jerusalem. "Jerusalem Ambassador" opens my horizon, illumines my heart and sparks my enthusiasm to share my story with all of you and I feel proud to be part of the story of Jerusalem.
Yunjiao Liu
Itzik Yarkoni is driven and motivated to the Jewish cause. Not only is he motivated himself but also has the potential to influence others to reach their utmost potential. He has a true gift to lead and inspire. As a Shaliach at the Hillel Foundation of Orange County, Itzik served as a role model both for myself and the greater organization. He is able to tackle tasks with a practical and realistic approach. I had the opportunity to work with Itzik on a number of projects from social media to event planning and managing. Even when the project appeared impossible, Itzik was able to steer the group in the right direction without imposing his own views on accomplishing the task. He is a problem-solver and will do what needs to get done no matter the circumstances.
Cathy Shutaya
Itzik is an incredible teacher. He knows a lot about social media, and while his methods are unconventional to Americans, they work! Even I -- who likes to think I know everything -- learned about new tactics, networks, and ideas. Simply put, no matter how much you know he will teach you more.
Jonathan Beer
Had the pleasure of listening to Itzik Yarkoni at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; an expert in the realms of social media outreach and message distribution strategies. One of the [many] insights that I took away was to take more time with our shared content.. So often I'm totally guilty of the habitual tendency to post a quick pic of where I am, who I'm with, and/or what I'm doing. This is also attached with a rushed, though calling a spade a spade - meaningless, caption that derived from a thought conceived in under :30. Note: Nothing wrong with this style and certainly doesn't undermine the importance of the moment. I think he was merely conveying that it's a slight disservice to the story. But to contribute to even just a crumb of societal change, or spark a genuine conversation, he suggested to begin sharing the "why" and relevance aligned with the post. To find a common ground with who we're targeting, making our experience more personal, and truly activating our audience(s). Great class.
Brandon E. Kamin
Filmmaker / Bear Bear Pro
It was a truly enthusiastic and informative presentation that helped all of us gain valuable insight into how to best promote Israel and spread our message. You clearly explained goals and methods that will allow us to better use social media and Facebook not just as social websites, but also as valuable tools. We now have a better grasp on navigating these kinds of websites to achieve our goals. Thank you!
Sonia Iosim
Student / Boston College
I have had some experience with marketing through social media through being on the JSU board for the past year and a half, and now becoming president, but it was so great to have you come and teach us even more. I knew a lot about the insights features on Facebook but it was great to hear more about how to make the posts count by making them personal. I just wanted to thank you and let you know we are already using many of your strategies. Thank you so much.
Michelle Pomerantz
Student / UMass
I heard that you (Itzik) were considered a "PR genius" and that I would learn and take a lot out of the hour that we had with you, but I was curious as to what I would be learning that I haven't already gotten out of my branding and Israeli advocacy on my campus at UMass. Turns out I learned a lot more than I thought I would, and also had many questions answered that I wasn't even sure I had. I loved that you reinforced the fact that when we as leaders put on events, brand, etc. we are doing it for the STUDENTS and our AUDIENCE, not for ourselves. Ever since I became a student leader on my campus that has been my motto. The self-satisfaction comes from satisfying those around you. Thank you so much again!
Hannah Cohen
Student / UMass
The workshop did a very good job of teaching us how to post positive and meaningful things on social media to attract our audience in ways I had never thought about before. It also did a very good job at showing how others do such a good job at promoting anti-Israel thought and that made me want to promote Israel even more positively.
Rachel Rettig
Student / UMass
We were reminded of the importance of spreading positive and personal messages to our audience. Itzik gave us great tips for what, when, where, why, and how to post on Facebook and Twitter, so that Huskies for Israel can start to really engage and expand our influence.
Max Klapholz
Student / Northeastern University
After these workshops I feel able and empowered to share my thoughts through social media mediums. Itzik's training is eye opening and easily to applied despite the ever-changing social media arena.
Maya Fried
Student / USC
I thought this was a FANTASTIC workshop. I learned so much about practical and easy things we can do to expand our presence in social media. It was really interesting to see what a difference it makes to have EVERYONE liking and sharing things together.
Tali Marcus
Student / Wellesley College
It was great to have Itzik at UCSB. We learned new and different ways to engage and attract students through social media. The workshop will make a big difference in our strategy in every way! I just wish we could have had more time!
Danielle Freedman
Student in Honors Program / UCSB
With Itzik there is always something new to learn. He engaged our students and they enjoyed the challenge of thinking outside the box about branding Israel. The message of the workshop hit home with students. We are now inspired to make changes, and with Itzik’s support as a mentor and friend, I’m confident we’ll rise to the challenge.
Sharon Shaoulian
Juris Doctor Candidate / UCS
I was much impressed by your presentation about using social media to improve the image of Israel. The students were highly engaged, you did not simply lecture but had them actively experiment, and you taught them techniques that can increase attendance at pro-Israeli events. I have heard other lecturers address the problem of Israel's image, and what you offered is new, important, and exciting.
Amihai Glazer
Professor / UC Irvine
Itzik came to UCI and gave us a social media training seminar. I didn't think there was too much to learn about social media but Itzik proved me very wrong. Itzik showed us how to wield the power of social media to an exponentially higher power in ways that I never would have thought of. At the same time, it was very enjoyable thanks to Itzik ' s great sense of humor and interactive teaching method. If you need help marketing yourself or your organization, I couldn't recommend Itzik more!
Ariel Barnoy
Student / UC Irvine