Meet Our Team

Itzik Yarkoni Founder and Executive Director

Itzik Yarkoni grew up in the rough and tumble streets of Bat Yam, Israel, where he learned to stick up for himself using street smarts, interpersonal skills, and hummus. He earned his BA in Communications at Sapir College in Sderot, Israel. Living in Sderot, Itzik began honing his skills that would one day create the unique new approach to branding that is BOMAH. During this time, Yarkoni joined the Ayalim Association and undertook the establishment of the first student village in the Western Negev, with the ultimate aim of building a community that could really make a difference. He continues with that ultimate aim every day. He co-founded the Sderot Media Center, and helped to change the way the situation in Sderot was viewed in the media. You can read more on this story. He graduated with an MA in International Conflict Resolution from Bar Ilan University.

Since founding BOMAH officially 2 years ago, Itzik has been to about 20 college campuses worldwide, from Brandeis to UCLA, to create and train student social media teams, and has implemented a Jerusalem Ambassadors project which he’s particularly proud of – and believes will change the face of the way Israel is viewed worldwide, as well as develop an amazing leadership opportunity for students.

He works with pure energy and genuine excitement towards achieving his dream, which is creating real change in the startup culture, student culture, and the Israel advocacy sphere. He currently teaches classes in International Communications at Bar Ilan University, and is a mentor for Israeli startups in Jerusalem.

When Itzik isn’t answering emails or trying to create a better world, he’s spending time with his wife and new baby boy in Jerusalem.

Read more about Itzik and the start of BOMAH here.

Raz Kaplan Project Manager

Raz, whose name means secret in Hebrew, and coincidentally knows all the social media secrets, comes with three years experience in managing the pages of the biggest brands in Israel. He was one of the first to join Facebook in Israel, and when he’s not on the Internet, you’ll find him at the beach chilling. “I’m a multitasker – I work, I study, I dream, all at the same time.”

Shalom Shore Content Writer

Shalom is a creative writer, marketer and growth consultant. Combining creativity, originality, and out of the box thinking with a systematic, big-picture approach, Shalom has created marketing materials for multiple organizations and businesses, from websites and web copy, to creative graphics and promotional videos. A consultant for several startups and organizations, he also runs workshops and lectures on online marketing, social media strategy, and personal growth.

Shalom enjoys creative writing, and has written multiple humor articles and scripts for films and plays. An ordained Rabbi, Shalom also writes and counsels others about personal growth and personal actualization. He currently lives in Jerusalem with his family.

Zoe Flamenbaum Project Manager

Based in the start up city of Tel Aviv, Zoe is professionally passionate about creating bonds between businesses and the people they serve. With a business degree and years of writing experience mixed with a career in the online marketing world, Zoe understands the importance of the consumer experience and what it can do for your success.

By day, she proudly works as a project manager for BOMAH, and by heart, she founded School of Shine, a positive community brimming with good values, good vibes, and good women, who aspire to create a happier and healthier world.

Zoe is an out of the box thinker, creative writer, born event planner, and believes that every single person has the opportunity to change the world.