When Words Can’t Describe It



Adding a visual aspect, such as picture or graphic, always connects more with your audience. When a picture or graphic is attached with your story, your audience can see what you are doing, where you were at, and even imagine having a similar experience or story as yours. Before your audience even reads your story they see the picture or graphic, which immediately draws them in and makes them want to know more.

The power of the VIDEO!!

“You see the most magnificent sunset, witness an impactful speech, or capture your friends hilarious joke…but which words can appropriately reflect how amazing this experience was? Enter…the video!”

Videos also show events, places, people, and experiences as they are in the moment, not as a moment in time. Most importantly, videos are a way to be interactive with your audience and allow you to take storytelling to a whole new level.

Apps to create YOUR video

  • DIRECTR. This app gives you the ability to act like a director and use storyboards to organize your pictures and movies. You can even use your own clips and template from someone else’s movie, allowing you to “direct” theirs! This app is unique because it reminds you to hold your phone horizontally and pick a focus point, which makes the video more appealing when sharing it.
  • MAGISTO. Magisto takes unedited videos and pictures from your phone and turns them into edited videos with a title, soundtrack, theme, effects, filter, and music. It pieces together the best parts of your videos and pictures to create both a visually appealing and professional looking video that can be shared immediately.

Yalla! Let’s create a video using Magisto

  1. Download the Magisto app and either select pictures and videos already stored on your phone or shoot a video. If selecting footage already on your phone, make sure to have at least 45 seconds of footage for best results.
  2. Pick your editing style, soundtrack, and title. Carefully choose the editing style that correlates the best with your pictures and videos because this will also determine the soundtrack options. Create a title in 5 words or less that can both attract an audience and describe your video.
  3. Finally, click “make your movie.” This may take a couple minutes, but if you enabled notifications you can leave the app and be notified once it’s finished.

Check out Neili Eggert’s first go at Magisto:

“I came to Israel not understanding how to share my love for Israel with the world around me. Attending BOMAH’s video workshop taught me how to use the application Magisto to share my journey in Israel with my campus, UNC-Charlotte.”- Neili Eggert










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