The Power of Why

We have identified four key components that will help you share your story with the world. The first one is Why.

The importance of Why

We have coached multiple business, startups, and non-profits to make them more engaging and human, and to reach a broader, interested audience.

During our initial meetings the first question we inevitably ask is “Why do you do what you do?”

We are often surprised at how difficult it is for most people to articulate the answer to that question. It’s not that they don’t have an answer, it’s that the answer is intuitive, and they have never felt the need to put it into words.

When creating a business or any new venture, the immediately obvious questions that are usually asked are What and How. What services will your business provide? How will you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Your Why, the motivation behind your entire project, is never directly addressed. And as your business grows and progresses, and the daily tasks and challenges pile up, it becomes very easy to let your Why get buried under a mountain of Whats and Hows.

Finding your Why

The paradox of Why, is that as much as it is easy to neglect, it is actually the most crucial aspect of your business.

Your why is what allows you to stand out, it’s the reason you get up in the morning, and it’s the way to connect with your audience. As human beings, we share many of the same drives and values – when you share your why, it can connect quickly and deeply with others who resonate with it.

When applying your why to your storytelling strategy, there are two simple steps to take. The first one is to find your why. Take a few minutes to write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. What drove you to start you venture?
  2. What needs or issues did you see in the world that inspired you to take action?
  3. What core values inspired your initiative? What ideals are you passionate about?

These questions are simple. But the answers can sometimes be difficult to find. Putting them on paper can be a valuable exercise for defining your mission and connecting to your core audience.

Repeat your Why to everyone you meet, whether it’s your first meeting with your potential client, or your daily catchup meeting with your staff. You can never overstate your mission.

From our experience, finding your Why is best way to stay motivated, to inspire your staff, to connect with your customers and engage with your followers. Through common ground and shared human experience, you can forge deep relationships that are far more powerful than those created by slick taglines or catchy slogans.

Take the time to find you Why. Your What and How will thank you.