Sharing Israel’s story is the first step

[su_intro]There are countless reasons to love Israel.[/su_intro]

Maybe you’re intrigued by Israeli innovations and discoveries, from 3D printing to medical technology that gives sight to the blind (OrCam). Maybe you rock out to haDag Nachash and other Israeli bands or have a house full of Israeli paintings. Maybe you feel safer in a world that has a Jewish state, whether or not you live in it yourself.

I know that for me, the best part about Israel is its track record on human rights. The Economist’s Democracy Index, which examined 167 countries in 2012, ranked Israel as the 37th most democratic country in the world, below mostly European countries and (not surprisingly) well above every other country in the Middle East, the next most democratic being Turkey at rank 88. Israel is also the only country in all of Asia (including the Middle East) to recognize same-sex marriages and unions (same-sex couples can gain many of the same rights as officially married couples through unregistered cohabitation, and same-sex marriages conducted abroad are recognized by the Israeli government).

But whatever the reason that you think Israel is so great, it’s important that you share it with the world!

A lot of people want to help Israel, but the question is “how?” Social media is the ideal vehicle for supporting Israel; it’s fast, free, and far-reaching. Here are a few simple ways that you can utilize social media to have an impact. It only takes five minutes to make a difference!

If you have…

1 minute: Like and share someone else’s story! It takes almost no time at all to spread the word about an Israel story that’s already out there. You can find such stories on the Brand of Milk and Honey (BOMAH) website , on pro-Israel Facebook pages, and elsewhere. Helping to spread someone else’s content can be almost as valuable as creating your own.

5 minutes: Craft a good Facebook status that states concisely what you love about Israel! Try to keep it short and upbeat. Any of the topics that I mentioned above (and many others!) will help paint a positive picture of the Jewish state. Your status will be enhanced by a photograph/video that supports your point or captures a personal Israel experience. If you’re having trouble thinking of something to say, try starting with “I love Israel because…” or “Only in Israel…” If you experience any anti-Israel backlash from other Facebook users, you can contact me at for help devising an effective counterargument.

1 hour: Blog about your story! Write a few hundred words about an experience that you’ve had with or in Israel. Stress that there is more to Israel than conflict, that the country has a vibrant culture and people making the Jewish state more interesting and relatable to your readers. Make sure to talk about the ways in which Israel is similar to your home country, so that the reader can relate, but also talk about the ways in which Israel is special and unique. You don’t even need your own blog, because you can submit a story through BOMAH here!

1 day: Start an online campaign! Circulate an online petition or Facebook page, which can say something as simple as “I support Israel” but can also delve into specific reasons for supporting Israel (ranging, again, from scientific advances to human rights) or the US-Israel relationship (from military cooperation to shared values). It is often especially useful to obtain the signatures of relevant and influential people, like local politicians or the presidents of the Student Democrats and Student Republicans on campus, and to mention their support in advertising the campaign.

Whatever it is that makes the Jewish state so meaningful to you, use your passion to do something about it. Don’t just love Israel; actively work to support Israel!



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