One Day Gym Pass

One Day Gym Pass is a new, soon to be released, application created for iPhones and Androids that allows users to buy passes to the gyms in their area. By downloading the app, users can conveniently search, buy and keep their passes all on their phone and have them readily available for the next time they go to the gym. The best part is that One Day Gym Pass provides options of buying passes for a variety of time periods, whether it’s one day, a week or a month- options that are not normally available when buying memberships through the gym itself.

When app creator Nate Hindman first approached BOMAH, the One Day Gym Pass Twitter account (@onedaygympass) had 6 followers and was following 18 accounts. In order to increase awareness of the developing app and get potential users in the New York City area excited and ready to download it, more social engagement, interaction and a dedicated following was needed. With plans to have the app ready to be downloaded by users by the end of February, creating a strategy for theOne Day Gym Pass Twitter account that could increase the app’s awareness rapidly was needed.

Enter BOMAH. BOMAH excels at creating social media strategies that center around personal stories and experiences. Although the One Day Gym Pass app had not yet been available to the public at the beginning of BOMAH’s work with One Day Gym Pass, the strategy created focused on engaging and interacting with potential app users. First, BOMAH focused on narrowing the target audience: men and women in the New York City area interested in living a healthy and active lifestyle, New York City gyms and fitness centers, and fitness, health and wellness writers. After following Twitter accounts within this target audience it was time to find content that would be relevant and of interest to this audience. After researching what other similar accounts were sharing, as well as what the target audience engaged with most and the hashtags they used, the content strategy centered around articles, facts, tips and advice on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle whether that be through different ways to be active, new diet trends or songs to listen to while exercising.

Within two weeks, the One Day Gym Pass Twitter account had gained 70 new followers and followed 287 accounts, which is increasing every day. By engaging with new followers, using similar hashtags and tagging various accounts when sharing their content, One Day Gym Pass was able to gain a dedicated following and increase the number of individuals who requested early access to the app. By sharing content that the audience is interested in while maintaining the mission and goals created by the app, followers are more likely to download the app once it’s available and continue to trust the One Day Gym Pass Twitter account for reliable content related to their fitness and healthy lifestyle needs.

“Bomah was absolutely crucial in helping us build a sizable user base pre-launch. Even before One Day Gym Pass hit the market, Bomah targeted and engaged prospective users on Twitter who were both passionate about fitness and our story and who became early advocates for our product. I highly recommend Bomah for any early-stage team who needs to build their brand on social and target early adopters, but who doesn’t have the time to spend all day on Twitter or Facebook.” –Nate Hindman

By Allison Rumsas