Israel: An Education

[su_intro]Things I’ve learned coming from the diaspora[/su_intro]
  1. Even though you feel completely at home and speak the language, you still sound like a foreigner.
  2. What you thought was impeccable, fashionable taste in shoes was completely wrong. Shoresh and Naot are… trendy? Believe it.
  3. Every conversation now ends with “yalla bye.”
  4. There is no such thing as “waiting your turn in line.” It just doesn’t exist here.
  5. Saying things like “I don’t do public transit” doesn’t fly anymore. Now you do.
  6. When someone smashes into you full force without even paying attention to what happened, it was your fault. Accept it and move on.
  7. You need to learn not to accept the first, second, third, or fourth price offered to you.
  8. Everything tastes better here.
  9. Your right-wing views are still met with gasps and raised eyebrows. Yes, even here.
  10. You’ll likely re-examine your life daily once you see people your age fighting for our homeland.
  11. It’s time you completely abandoned “sorry” and “excuse me,” possibly for a few choice curse words in Arabic. This will get your further.
  12. There are things more important than pleasantries. These are sincerity and openness.
  13. Someone will be willing to go completely out of his way to not only give you directions, but lead you there personally.
  14. People are more genuine and honest than you’ve ever experienced, and it’s SO refreshing.
  15. You see the way people care about their fellow Jew and it warms your heart.
  16. You’ll visit the Kotel and understand what really matters in your life.
  17. You’ll understand what real love is when you see yourself loving this place more than yourself.
  18. You won’t want to go home, you’re already here.



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