Don’t Get Blogged Down

Want to write a blog and actually reach people outside of your network? is a new and fresh blogging platform, designed by Twitter creators Evan Williams and Biz Stone.  It’s widely considered easy to use, futuristic, communal, supportive, and possessing high quality material for readers and writers.

What makes Medium stand out

  • Spammers haven’t been able to jumble the site with blank posts and dummy advertisements.Your content in their editor looks exactly the same as when it gets published
  • The M icon on the left opens the editing tools
  • Write on a blank white page that helps your thoughts spill freely without distractions.

Have only a few minutes to read an article (VERY COOL)

Well, each article provides an estimated amount of time it will take to read. Now you know if it’ll take 2 minutes to read somethings or 20 minutes.  Time management – check!

Blogs on Medium are:

  • personal views and suggestions on current events and general interests
  • chosen for the site based on quality
  • publicly shared on a wide scale with hundreds of thousands of readers who are a part of the Medium community

How to Use Medium:
Register with your Twitter account. You can even use your Twitter account to comment on headline articles right now! The Medium staff editors regularly invite users to write on the platform which keeps posts active and frequent.

Commenting is SO EASY:

You can comment on any paragraph however it’s ultimately up to the writer to allow those comments to be viewed (haters may hate… but at least they don’t have a place on Medium).

Drawbacks: If you write an article, that article belongs to Medium, which means you can’t incorporate your own logo or post it on your own social media forums.

It’s competitive to get your blog to get featured…the merit system is tough sometimes.

BOMAH wants to empower you to share YOUR story and is a fantastic way to make that story viral. Join today or just experiment on Medium.