Curiyo: Your Online Curiousity Organizer

Google defines our generation. It has completely transformed how we share information, gather knowledge, write papers, and how connected we are with the world.


It can all be found on Google! It’s AMAZING!! Until you get over 20 pages to open. From there, it’s a game of hit or miss to see if a site has exactly what you are looking for.


That’s where Curiyo come’s in. Curiyo is the latest browser app that combines all web searches, identifies what is important, and creates an answer profile to provide you with exactly what you need all in 1-page. This includes information, posts, comments, hashtags, mentionings, and history from your favorite sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Encyclopedia, News sources, gossip columns, GoogleMaps, Stores/Shopping sites, Imdb, etc.

  • Just one-click needed
  • No navigating through pages
  • Organization – cut the clutter!
  • Videos, pictures, and maps included, if relevant

Who is Charles Darwin? Curiyo shows:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 4.16.46 PM

And the information, all on one scroll tab keeps going!

Curiyo’s structure of providing information in a fluid format, allows one to learn about the world as if they were reading a story (like BOMAH’s storytelling strategy!) with an organized sequence and chapters clumping similar sub-categories together. The pictures, videos, maps, and personal quotes help bring your topic of inquiry to life, even if you are asking about someone who’s life has long past or about something that isn’t alive at all!

Go to and try out searches like “cubism”, “Theory of Relativity” and “olinguito” (What’s that last one? Search it on Curiyo!)