Jerusalem Ambassadors
Project Description


Jerusalem Municipality, MASA, and Hebrew University created a one-of-a-kind international Study Abroad program in Jerusalem.

The Challenge

The trio of organizations wanted to encourage and enable potential students to connect with the real Jerusalem on a personal level in order to convey the advantages of study abroad, as opposed to what they might see in the media abroad.

The Mission

To create a personal way to share relevant news about Jerusalem which is inviting for students to join the study abroad program, ultimately re-branding the way students see the opportunity to study in Jerusalem, and the way the Diaspora perceives Jerusalem and Israel.


We initiated a pilot program called Jerusalem Ambassadors, created a network with the younger community with a focus on rebranding the Study Abroad program in Jerusalem. We trained the student fellows on the BOMAH strategy, monitored and managed the program, and assisted with marketing & PR to ensure social media success.

The Results

Utilizing the student community was the perfect way to connect to future students on a personal level; and also offered current students effective knowledge on how to best use social media for storytelling.

  • 16 International Students
  • 30 Blog Posts (Covering University Life to Politics)
  • 60 Social Media Posts
  • 4 Major Media Mentions (The Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, etc)
  • Bloggers quadrupled their page views after participating in the program.

The Feedback



Project Details
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