Project Description


BreezoMeter is a start up based in real time, location based air pollution levels, which offers personalized health recommendations on what you should do. Quoted from CNBC as one of the 20 of the world’s hottest start-ups of 2014 as changing the way people interact with the world.

The Challenge

BreezoMeter joined one the biggest startup event conferences, Web Summit in Europe, and wanted to create buzz to ensure they stood out as there were 500 attending startups.

The Mission

Build a 5 day event and social media strategy from start to finish – creating buzz, organic PR, and engaging users on social media in real time.


We created a step by step guide in order to connect with relevant audience, engage with social media users, and create buzz at the conference. In order to organize and maximize the strategy, we created a content calendar based on the web summit schedule. We kept in constant contact with the team and made sure to apply BreezoMeter’s mission throughout. All posted content had direct connection to BreezoMeter’s ultimate goal, which made the startup more tangible and less technical, therefore easily relatable to all.

The Results

Breezometer was able to gain relevant followers on twitter (investors, journalists, and fellow startups) which assisted in the enhancement of online presence in Europe, The United States and Israel. They went from 66 followers with very limited acknowledgement and engagement to 128 followers who actively favorite, retweet and reply to all posts in a 4 day span. We put out at least 10-15 tweets a day for 4 days plus engaged for an hour a day which resulted in 15 followers a day. BOMAH is currently working to build Breezometer’s storytelling strategy as a result of the success of our 4 day conference campaign. From the media: A breath of fresh air, with Ziv lautman, CMO

The Feedback



Project Details