BOOSTER: With a Little Help From My Friends

It’s 12am on a Tuesday night and you have a History final in 8 hours. You’re alone and on your 135th cat video on YouTube. Procrastination is once again the theme of the night.

Enter “Booster”. Inspired by “that one friend who’s never on time, anywhere”, the Tel-Aviv based Booster App allows your friends to be your personal alarm clock/task manager. Except, instead of pressing the snooze button you’re going to actually have to take a selfie of yourself doing the task and immediately send it back to your friend for verification in order to complete the task.

The founders of Booster, Eyal and David, came up with this procrastination crushing idea when a close friend of theirs had constant issues with getting to work on time. While both studying psychology they discovered the “Social Regulation Theory”. This theory states that people are much more prone to assertively getting things done faster when they are socially influenced.

With no experience in technology or app development they came across Tom and Gary whom were able to use their application development skills to bring Booster from a mere idea into reality. The four co-founders plus one employee will launch the app November 3rd, 2014 in Tel Aviv. It will be available both O/S and Android.

Their next project, “The Trainer App”, will be their first business-to-business venture that will get people physically moving at the gym by connecting personal trainers to their clients whilst using the Booster structure. They plan to launch the project sometime next year.

Much like the BOMAH Yalla! strategy, Booster empowers you get up from your seat and get things done!

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Below is a step to step illustration of Booster at work for someone who is trying to stay on track with their diet.