A Social Media-Filled Summer in Israel

For the past two months Onward Israel participants from Hillels and cities all over the United States have been living and interning in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Working in Israel during Operation Protective Edge and hearing sirens throughout the country was an especially impactful experience, and we at BOMAH have had the privilege of working with the selected Social Media Fellows from each group to help them share their personal stories and experiences.

As a result from participating in BOMAH workshops and consultations, the Fellows perfected our storytelling strategy and were able to put the reality into words, which at times was much different that what the media portrayed. By writing more impactful posts they were able to comfort their family, friends, and communities at home with their truths, while reaching and engaging new audiences.

Our work with the Onward Israel participants began at the beginning of May when the Fellows had an initial group conference call with Itzik Yarkoni, BOMAH’s Founder, discussing the logistics of the program and explaining the social media tool kit provided. Each Social Media Fellow also received personal consulting about fulfilling their summer goals and how to share their stories through the social media medium of their choice: blog, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube etc.

Once in Israel, the Fellows attended BOMAH social media workshops throughout the summer. They learned about our storytelling strategy in depth, how to effectively share posts on their Facebook pages, and practiced their public speaking skills in order to prepare to give presentations about their time in Israel on their college campuses.

As most of the fellows’ programs are coming to an end this week, we are proud of what they have accomplished this summer and look forward to reading their stories in the future.

Interested in seeing more from the Onward Israel Social Media Fellows? See their posts featured from our Facebook page!

DP Circle

“Thanks to social media workshops and individual consultations, I’ve learned how to turn a good blog into a great blog. I’ve learned how to make my stories both innovative and interactive. Thanks to the Jewish Agency and Itzik Yarkoni, I’ve been able to share my Israel Experience with more than a thousand people in a dozen different countries.”

-Daniel, Cleveland Onward Israel
Intern at The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University

Read his blog here.


AR Circle

“With the increasing attacks on Israel I quickly learned the importance of sharing my experiences of living in Israel with my family and friends back home. Attending BOMAH’s social media workshops and having personal consultations with Itzik allowed me to organize my ideas and learn how to effectively and efficiently share my stories.”

-Allison, Hillel Onward Israel
Intern at BOMAH

Read her blog here.


LK Circle

“I think the social media consulting has been very helpful in generating inspiration and ideas. First of all, Itzik shares his knowledge with us, offering us important tools for making our posts more “viral”. Second of all, getting to see all of the other social media fellows’ work is inspiring and motivating.”

-Leah, Pittsburgh Onward Israel
Intern at BlogsRelease

Read her blog here.



SW Circle

“Social media is overwhelming, and I admit I never was able to utilize social media outlets to their fullest potential. The tips from training sessions also helped me create more intriguing blog posts that captured my audience’s attention. Since our final social media training, I have used Itzik’s suggestions for promoting my blog on Facebook and my views have more than doubled!”

-Shoshana, Boston Onward Israel
Intern at Tevel b’Tzedek

Read her blog here.


RY Circle
“Itzik pushed me to think more critically about social media and the ways I craft my own personal story. From him, I learned how to make my blog more visually interesting for my readers and expand my audience. I appreciate all his help, especially since I don’t have much experience blogging. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to share all of the incredible Israeli dishes that I’ve sampled during my time here and my love of food.”

-Ryan, Hillel Onward Israel
Intern at the Ethiopian National Project

Read his blog here.

LB Circle

“I think the social media consulting was great.  It gave great tips and tricks on explaining what we need to do to have a better social media following while still getting our story across.  It wasn’t too lengthy which was also nice because my attention tends to stray if a presentation is too long. Thank you!”

-Lisa, Pittsburgh Onward Israel
Intern at Ananey Communications

Read her blog here.


CP Circle

“I learned a lot of social media techniques from Itzik. He taught us how to reach our audience greatly through what time of the day to post and how to post a Facebook status that pulls the reader in, wanting more.”

-Camille, Boston Onward Israel
Intern at Finn Partners

Read her blog here.

AL Circle

“I have learned a lot in our sessions this summer. I think it is good to have the workshops where everyone can share what has and has not worked for them and build off of each other. I think the most important think that I have learned from you is to make sure that I am telling my story in my posts. I think that is what made my blog so successful, because people enjoyed reading my story.”

-Abby, Cincinnati Onward Israel
Intern at Batsheva Dance Company

Read her blog here.