7 Simple Storytelling Techniques to Brand Your Business

“Story, story, story,” says Itzik Yarkoni, CEO & Founder of BOMAH. We had just stepped out of the Tel Aviv offices of the Wix Design Studio, and were met with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. We had just been hired to help formulate their story for an upcoming presentation. Since Wix hosts the largest design studio in Israel with a dynamic team of over 100 designers, the project was itching for a creative and extraordinary edge.

How could we turn 100 people’s stories into ONE that everyone can relate to?  



“Emotion, emotion, emotion,” I said, understanding that while content is king, emotional connection is KEY.  I knew this story would have to elicit a genuine connection from the audience. Not only that, the 3 presenters would have to operate on the same frequency to get the one ultimate point across.

Given the explosive growth of ways to communicate in today’s era of Techlightenment, storytelling is a powerful tool when it comes to strengthening any brand and creating a memorable and engaging way to connect and captivate an audience.

So what’s the story with telling a great story? Whether branding yourself, your business, or both, here are 7 rules to remember for anyone who wants to create genuine connection.

  1. DO know your ultimate purpose

Always have an end goal. Every good story infuses a lesson or message throughout to allow your audience to learn, connect and get inspired all at once. Determine your purpose and then repeat it a few times throughout your story. This will lock in the message and help your audience remember what you want them to.

  1. DO NOT get fancy

No need for big words. The best stories are conveyed when they naturally pour out of you – however you speak is how you should share your story. Keeping it simple is key. Use cash instead of funds. Use rule instead of restriction. Use whatever you know.

  1. DO know your audience

You wouldn’t speak to your best friend like you would your grandma, or at least we hope.  Knowing who your listeners are, what what they hope to gain, will ensure you can speak to them in a language they will understand.

  1. DO NOT assume anyone knows what you’re talking about

Pretend you’re speaking to a 12-year old boy when explaining anything. When you assume no one knows what you’re talking about, keep the most important facts in, and the ideas short and sweet.  

  1. DO hope for Hollywood

Make it interesting. Put your theater mask on and get loud. Use different voices, excite the crowd with movement, and put on a real show. Enhancing your story with movement allows your listeners to dive more deeply into your vision.  

  1. DO NOT save the drama for your mama  

Entice your audience with the most dramatic, conflict-filled spot of your whole story. Drawing people into your drama within the first few seconds creates an attentive audience waiting on the edge of their seats to discover what will happen next.  

  1. DO leave them wanting more

End with a bang – an unexpected turn, a mysterious question, or a sly hint at uncovering more of the truth. Doing so will help you gain both an air of intrigue and obtain interested followers who genuinely want to hear more of your story.


Use these techniques to infuse your brand with genuine intrigue, and relate emotionally to customers to increase engagement and unleash your mission into the world.

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