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BOMAH is branding firm that specializes in social media and storytelling strategies. With our trainings, we empower you to create unique content and use social media effectively in order to illustrate your mission and vision and reach a new, larger audience. All of our services combine hands-on skills with new strategy from the Middle East, transmitted in a practical, step-by-step experience that will get your brand to reach larger audiences.






Learn How To Change The World With Your Story


Revolutionize your business with our 15 Second Philosophy, a storytelling strategy that grips your people from the get-go — because that’s all the time you have.


Workshops & Training

Get your staff on board with
your story, armed with powerful
tools for creating digital content
that wins hearts in 15 seconds
or less.



Grab a chair and a bowl of hummus
as we dig into your business, designing
a detailed plan for creating social
media content that makes people talk
to you and about you all day long.



Find out why people keep working with BOMAH

When I met Itzik and he explained me the core value of BOMAH, the art of storytelling, together with the importance that I will be hands on – it was clear that BOMAH’s added value is unique. Thousands of new likes, twitter followers, PR, real engagement on social channels from our target users – all in only 3 days.


Ziv LautmanCEO / BeezoMeter

I have known Mr. Yarkoni since 2012, his presentations are both insightful and engaging, while captivating ‎his audiences time and again with his unique story; ‎Itzik’s innovative storytelling and social media techniques have inspired the students, and it is ‎an honor having him among our faculty members.‎

Roei DuaniAssociate Director / Bar-Ilan University, Center for International Communication

We contacted BOMAH before heading out to our first international speaking event. Their consultancy was just what we needed – they helped us in telling our story the best way possible, providing with great tips and work methods to help us get to the conference and shine.

Shelly PelegContent Project Manager / Wix

Itzik and BOMAH’s team one of the top professionals I’ve worked with. He is up for any challenge, knowledgeable and always available with a smile. Itzik and his team don’t only provide services they are involved in every part of the process. In the project we’ve done with BOMAH they were a full partner, resourceful in every step of the way and had a creative way of solving any issue.

Shirona PartemThe Jerusalem Development Authority

Our clients and partners include

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ROI Community and BOMAH worked together to make ROI’s five-day annual summit reach new audiences, as well as create a long-lasting buzz about their brand awareness. We have helped them with their events, sponsored adds, and media influencers.

BOMAH and Breezometer created an engaging campaign during the Web Summit and their visit to the White House in Washington D.C; between fun games at their stand, storytelling posts, actively live-tweeting, Breezometer’s story got a lot of buzz in the media and publications,

Throughout brand and marketing strategy, training and marketing research to raise awareness about their platform, we were able to highlight OLAM’s good deeds as well as what their partners were doing.

NUA Robotics created the first suitcase that follows its owner, and they were presenting it at CES Conference for the first time. Read more about how we helped them here.

We also trained their staff and offered our consulting services to create buzz outside the Jerusalem area. No better way to start your day than by reading this success story, right? Well, maybe some turkish coffee.