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We are a social media consulting agency specializing in the following services to help you share your vision. Click the icons to learn more.

Social Media

We’ll apply our unique strategy to the daily management of your social networks, as well as advertising and event promotion.


Interactive workshops and consultations deliver strategic skills directly to your employees, participants, or advocates.

Content Creation

Get the help you need creating engaging blog articles, social media posts, crowdfunding campaigns and marketing messages.

About Our Strategy

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Your Personal Why
Get inspired.

Your WHY is the most crucial question to answer for storytelling reasons. Finding your WHY will both inspire and empower you to truly connect with your audience in a meaningful and passionate way.


The BOMAH storytelling strategy is all about engagement. It’s about creating your own message, rather than sharing someone else’s, and connecting with your audience. Through our strategy, we empower you to find your voice, identify your ideal medium, and share your story.

Build a foundation

The BOMAH storytelling strategy is the foundation every business needs to truly connect with and create a loyal audience. In today’s overcrowded market, your customers need to feel personally connected to your business before they choose to show loyalty. BOMAH helps you find your voice, identify your audience, and share your story in the best medium for you.

Learn the way.

We believe in providing you with the tools to take an active role in creating, shaping and sharing your personal stories. This strategy gives you the ability to enhance your brand and succeed in the long run. Such a BOMAH inspired confidence in your own vision leads to positive changes.

Our storytelling strategy empowers you with the tools necessary to create, shape, and share your personal stories. Finding your voice and sharing your side of the story creates a genuine connection with your audience and increases loyalty and engagement on an organic level for the long term. We don’t just do it for you – we show you HOW to continually build upon your success.


“Yalla” is the word used to illustrate the “move it” mentality that inspired Israelis to gain the nickname “The Start Up Nation.” We are ready to jump into deep water with you and make it happen.

Get results

The local Israeli lingo, the word Yalla literally means ‘lets move’ and encompasses the mentality behind “The Startup Nation.” In our BOMAH world, Yalla has a deeper meaning and is our motivation to jump into the deep water with you, and make your vision a reality, without taking no for an answer.

Case Studies

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What our clients are saying

Find out why people keep using BOMAH

Itzik’s knowledge, experiences, and critical thinking combine to produce an educator who is insightful and effective. Many people ‘talk’ about a successful social media presence, but Itzik produces concrete results.

Natalie MenagedDirector of Education / Hasbara Fellowships

When I met Itzik and he explained me the core value of BOMAH, the art of storytelling, together with the importance that I will be hands on – it was clear that BOMAH’s added value is unique. Thousands of new likes, twitter followers, PR, real engagement on social channels from our target users – all in only 3 days..

Ziv LautmanCEO / BeezoMeter

Itzik’s presentations were very well received by the students. His content was sharp, nuanced and timely, and equally as important, was his personal ability to connect with and motivate students.

Ze'ev OrensteinSenior Educator & Program Manager / The David Project

My first conversation with Itzik Yarkoni about BOMAH was him introducing my company and I to an entirely new way of sharing our brand and mission with a growing audience. Thanks to BOMAH the “storytelling” method was super successful and our marketing team will be implementing its strategy throughout the year.

Maxx BlankCo-Founder / CampusCasa

We are motivated by the belief that sharing your story will benefit the world.

By utilizing your unique brand, we connect people to you through our new strategy of storytelling on social media. Our personal consulting services and workshops will empower you and provide you with the tools to be heard; to be known.

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Meet the Team

We are storytellers. We tell YOUR story.

Itzik Yarkoni
Founder and Executive Director

BOMAH’s founder. He enjoys empowering and motivating people to tell their personal stories.  When he isn’t answering emails or trying to create a better world, he’s spending time with his wife and new baby boy in Jerusalem.

Shalom Shore
Marketing Director

Shalom enjoys creative writing, and has written multiple humor articles and scripts for films and plays. Shalom also writes and counsels others about personal growth and personal actualization. He currently lives in Jerusalem with his family.

Rachel Rhodes

Making sure everything runs as it should. An American/Canadian/Israeli Law student with a passion for books, painting, cooking, hiking and anything chocolate related. She has experience working with social media applications, NGOs, fundraising in addition to serving in the IDF International Relations Unit.